Blog – Page 2 – The Last Local SEO Guy You’ll Ever Need | Phil Rozek 2017-06-16T01:17:17Z WordPress Phil <![CDATA[Your Google My Business Page in 2017: How Hard Is It to Mess Up?]]> 2017-02-28T08:42:10Z 2017-02-28T05:30:20Z 27 Phil <![CDATA[Dumbest Reasons to Hire a Local SEO Company or Person]]> 2017-06-09T19:28:25Z 2017-02-13T09:28:00Z 0 Phil <![CDATA[I Wrote a Google Review of My Own Business. What Did Google Do?]]> 2017-02-14T20:05:31Z 2017-02-10T09:03:46Z 14 Phil <![CDATA[If You Rename/Rebrand Your Business, Will You Lose Your Google and Yelp Reviews?]]> 2017-01-30T20:02:25Z 2017-01-30T20:02:25Z 5 Phil <![CDATA[Relationship between Local and Organic SEO: a Simple Diagram]]> 2017-01-27T21:09:29Z 2017-01-27T09:22:22Z 21 Phil <![CDATA[Breakdown of Page 1 of Google’s Local Organic Search Results: Who Dominates?]]> 2017-01-20T00:14:13Z 2017-01-19T09:20:10Z 28 Phil <![CDATA[Should You Copy and Paste Your Online Reviews onto Your Site?]]> 2017-03-13T05:41:56Z 2016-12-29T17:47:35Z 6 Phil <![CDATA[Using “Suggest an Edit” to Change a Google My Business Landing Page URL: Too Easy and a Little Scary]]> 2016-12-21T21:13:48Z 2016-12-21T21:13:48Z 15 Phil <![CDATA[One-Time Work vs. Ongoing Work in Local SEO]]> 2016-12-15T22:15:32Z 2016-12-15T18:10:12Z 24 Phil <![CDATA[BBB Dips a Toe in Answer-Box SEO, Highlighting Accredited Businesses]]> 2016-12-07T06:40:42Z 2016-12-07T06:27:51Z 17
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